Mission and Vision

Interjet is a Mexican carrier like no other, becoming the best choice of air transportation in the market, comprised of the most qualified human talent in the aviation industry in Mexico.

At Interjet we have highly experienced pilots selected by completing rigorous evaluations related to their knowledge and experience in aviation, superb onboard service provided by our friendly flight attendants, and a highly qualified technical staff; we combine the experience and youth of our fleet to become the best option in safety, customer service, and reliability.

We apply the most advanced information technology and automation to all of the Interjet’s processes.

Our Mission

To provide excellent and safer air transportation, at a fair price through a substantial increase of efficiency and productivity of all its resources that ultimately benefits our customers.

Our Vision

To become a highly profitable company, a leader in the field, guaranteeing stability and permanence in the industry of air transportation.


  • To meet the potential demand of air transportation services in Mexico, with safety, quality and excellence.
  • Stimulate the air transportation industry with competitive fares.
  • Directly benefit air travelers with more options when flying to their destinations.
  • Sustain on a permanent basis a program that is highly efficient in the operation and provision of service that results in lower airfares and the best service to our customers.
  • Create direct and indirect work sources in different zones of the country, by hiring personnel that is highly qualified in the aeronautical industry.