About Club Interjet

Details about club interjet

Your purchases could be converted to cash bonus or points in your electronic wallet!

Club Interjet is our loyalty program in which we reward your purchases; also you would have latest Interjet news, special offers, outlet presales and personalized discounts.

Choose between our options and get the best benefits.

Be part of club interjet

With Club Interjet you would always have the best of our sales! You would have access to the best offers and exclusive sales.

Club Interjet Premium Benefits

The best options for the frequent flyers! You would win 15% of your purchase* in your electronic wallet this means that you can accumulate it in order to pay your next flight with us. Membership annual cost: $25 usd and start accumulating your cash bonus.

General Conditions

Integrate all yout family members

If you want to accumulate all the purchases of you family members, this is the option you were looking for. Membership annual cost: $25 usd and $12 usd for each family member, the benefit? 15% of all family purchases in electronic wallet bonus.

General Conditions

*Purchase: Base rate, before taxes / Remember that your bonus will be valid until the day you have made the flight purchased. For security, Club Interjet will only work from www.interjet.com do not try to make valid your bonus on Call Center or Sales Offices