Wheelchairs and mobility aids

A helping hand during your trip

Wheelchairs and mobility aids are not subject to our baggage policy, meaning that disabled passengers can travel with them at no extra cost. However, due to space limitations, these items can only be transported as checked baggage.

You can travel with a battery-powered wheelchair if the battery is sealed to avoid leakage (it is not necessary to insulate electrolyte-type batteries). Batteries must be disconnected, and the terminals insulated to prevent short-circuits.

Wheelchair service

Although you must check your own wheelchair into the baggage hold, we offer wheelchair and mobility assistance within the airport.

Request this service through our Special services page or contact to the Customer Care Center at least 72 hours before your flight. Please note that the service does not include assistance in using the restroom.

Senior citizen on a wheelchair being helped

Complete information about wheelchair service is available through our Customer Care Center or directly at the airport. The wheelchair service is available an hour before flight departure and you will be assisted from the check-in counter to the gate, including through security checkpoints. It won’t be possible to make stops in stores or banks. Please arrive at least one hour earlier than the suggested check-in time for national flights and 2 hours earlier for international flights to ensure the proper handling and packaging of your checked items, and to provide the wheelchair service in a timely manner.

Request wheelchair support and other special services here.