TSA Precheck

Save time going through security at US airports

Members of the TSA Precheck program have been identified as trusted travelers and are not subject to certain TSA security checks at US airports.

Persona con TSA Precheck que pasa por los filtros de seguridad

How does it work?

Travelers with TSA Precheck can save time and go through security filters in under 5 minutes.

Just add your KTN (Known Traveler Number) during the booking or check-in process. The TSA Precheck symbol will appear on your boarding pass, allowing you to go through the correct line at security and saving you time!

As a TSA Precheck member you don’t need to remove:

3-1-1 compliant liquids
Light jackets

Who can apply for TSA Precheck?

US citizens and residents, and international residents who are part of the Global Entry program are eligible for TSA Precheck. To learn more about the program and to fill out an online application form visit the TSA website.