Pregnant women

Your comfort is our priority

We care about your safety and want you to have the most comfortable travel experience during your pregnancy. That’s why we offer you ample legroom in all our fare classes, and the attention of highly qualified staff on a fleet of brand-new aircraft. While we welcome pregnant women on any of our flights, women who are over 7 months pregnant travel at their own risk and must consult their doctor about any complications relating to air travel during late stage pregnancy.

Pregnant woman and her partner planning a trip with Interjet

If you’ve already booked your flight with Interjet, follow our travel tips for pregnant women:

    • Use comfortable clothes.
    • Change seating posture and massage legs and arms to promote good blood circulation.
    • We suggest choosing a seat next to the aisle to allow you easy access to the bathroom and other onboard services.
    • Don’t stay seated for more than two hours at a time. Walk around the cabin or just stand up next to your seat to promote good blood circulation.
    • Drink plenty of fluids during your flight.
    • Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from a flight attendant or a member of staff.