Cross Border Xpress

Modifying the way of traveling

Interjet has the purpose to take you to new places and destinations, as a result we decided to adventure into the Cross Border Xpress (CBX), and facilitate your trips between Tijuana and San Diego.

But, what is CBX all about?

CBX is a pedestrian skywalk bridge located over the border line between Mexico and the US, connecting the Tijuana International Airport with a modern building in San Diego where you will be able to park, purchase airline tickets, shop duty free and dine.

Thanks to CBX you will be able to cross the border in a simple, quick and safely manner, leaving behind long lines and exhausting waiting times such as the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa ports of entry.

Stop thinking about limitations and expand your possibilities , as you walk over the border with Interjet and CBX. Discover every detail about this innovative terminal below.

Woman about to use the Cross Border Xpress service

How can I travel with CBX?

Whichever way you go, ticket prices start at $16 USD for one-way trips and $32 USD for round trips, which will be included immediately as the reservation is made.

Your schedule won’t be a problem since the CBX terminal is open 24 hours a day, while our counters will be available from 0 to 23h, depending on the day and its flight demands.

To book your ticket through our web page you just need to follow our recommendations step by step:

  • Select San Diego through CBX as origin or destination.
  • Choose the date and fare that applies the most to your needs.
  • Double check that your travel description includes the CBX charge.
  • Type in your information and any desired complements.
  • Accept our terms and conditions.
  • Choose your preferred payment option.
  • Save digitally or print your itinerary.
  • Head to our CBX counter when arriving to the terminal.
  • Show your itinerary to the personnel.
  • Pick your boarding pass.
  • Head to Immigration Area and Customs Control (Only from Tijuana origins).
  • Ready, set, go! Walk over the border.

CBX general service conditions

  • It applies on flights to and from Tijuana International Airport (TIJ).
  • Only passengers with Cross Border Xpress (CBX) tickets will be able to cross the border.
  • Ticket prices are subject to the exchange rate on the day of purchasing.
  • Passengers arriving from the CBX terminal should present a valid boarding pass specifying TIJ is the place of departure.
  • Passengers arriving to CBX terminal should present a valid boarding pass specifying TIJ is the destination.
  • The CBX boarding pass has a 24-hour validation for passengers arriving from the San Diego terminal, while those travelling from Tijuana to San Diego have a 4-hour validation starting at their TIJ arrival time; However, same boarding pass can be used furthermore if the passenger has a valid plane ticket (time restrictions apply too).
  • Passengers with two years or less, who travel accompanied by an adult with a valid boarding pass, will not be needing one.
  • CBX boarding passes can only be used once for the acquired route, either from the passenger building in San Diego to TIJ, or vice versa.
  • CBX boarding passes have a one-year validation from the purchasing moment on, they are not transferrable, not exchangeable or refundable.
  • Besides a valid boarding pass, personnel at the CBX terminal may ask passengers for their passport, visa, vaccination card and/or plane ticket.
  • The CBX terminal has a Screening Information System regarding flight departures. It is the passengers’ responsibility to verify their flight status with their respective airlines.
  • Passengers are prohibited to transport the following items:
    • Firearms of any kind, fireworks, illegal substances and any other item prohibited from aircraft transportation stipulated by the applicable law of the United States of América and/or the United Mexican States and the international treaties they belong to.
    • Food, plants or any other element prohibited from entering the United States of America or The United Mexican States stipulated by the applicable law of the United States of América and/or the United Mexican States and the competent authorities of each countries.
  • Passengers accept voluntarily every risk of material loss and/or physical injuries or death produced as a result of walking throughout the CBX. Available to purchase in, the call center and Interjet sales offices.
  • For more information regarding the Cross-Border Xpress (CBX) go to or send an e-mail to