Important notice


Security measures for passengers traveling to USA

In order to guarantee the safety of our passengers, Interjet would like to inform that we are working in coordination with airport and health authorities to deal with any situation that might arise as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

For passengers traveling to the USA, we must inform you that US authorities have issued restrictions for passengers who have been in China up to 14 days prior to their entry into US territory.

Passengers who wish to travel to the USA and who have been in China in the last 14 days (excluding Hong Kong and Macao) will be denied boarding.

This restriction apples to all passengers of all nationalities traveling to the USA, except US nationals with a valid US passport, permanent legal residents, or individuals with a Resident Card or a conditional letter.

Passengers who fall under the aforementioned exceptions will only be permitted entry into the USA through the following airports: New York (JFK), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Honolulu, and Atlanta. All passengers will be subject to sanitary control protocols upon arrival.

Any individuals entering the USA without following the above regulations will face legal migratory action and will be subject to sanitary control measures. This includes but is not limited to deportation and quarantine.