We are different!

We believe in a high-efficiency flight experience from booking to boarding! To fulfill your travel expectations, we offer a unique set of amenities in each of our fares to provide the perfect balance between cost and convenience.


Seat pitch

How much 34 inches is?
A huge difference in your comfort. Up to 20% extra space to maximize legroom in relation to the rest of high efficiency or low cost Mexican airlines.


Carry-on baggage

We’ve got you perfectly covered for a short trip! All our fares include two carry-on bags on-board. Remember that the total weight must not exceed 10kg (22 lb) and liquid restrictions apply.


Checked baggage

Planning a long stay? Interjet allows you to carry up to 50 kg (110 lb) at no extra charge. Check the following link to verify the conditions and restrictions of your checked baggage, based on the fare you choose.[View more]


Special baggage

For all musicians, outdoor sport and pet lovers! Musical instruments, sports gear and pets are welcome without paying extra fees, according to our baggage policy. Find more information here: [View more]


Senior citizens discount

65 and older? Welcome on-board!
All our senior citizens are entitled to a permanent 15% off every time they fly with an Optima or Priority fare.


No-oversell policy

We greatly value your decision of flying with us. Once you have booked your trip, you can rest assured: we will not offer your seat to any other passenger.