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    Know the best of the Mayan world

    In the middle of Selva Lacandona (Lacandona Jungle) you will find an architectural landmark considered the most representative ceremonial center of the Mayan culture: Palenque. This place has been an archeological zone since 1987 and it’s considered a World Heritage landmark by UNESCO and one of the most important touristic destinations in Chiapas today.

    In order to come to this world marvel, you only have to think on the date you would like to book your trip, choose Palenque, Chiapas as your destination and select any of our cheap flights to this magnificent place.

    Flights to Palenque


    Upon your arrival to this Magical Town, you will want, before reaching the archeological zone, to take a few minutes to trek through its warm weather and its exuberant flora and fauna, mostly known for the jaguar and the howler monkey.

    Palenque has 200 architectural structures distributed among 16 km of extension. We recommend you go first to Templo de las Inscripciones (Temple of Inscriptions), a complex edification full of staircases, corridors, yards, subterranean galleries, and sculptural hieroglyphs that were built, renovated and guarded by the Mayans for 400 years.

    Flights to Palenque

    Agua Azul waterfalls

    After working out your body and mind with the long walks discovering the Mayan culture, it’s time to stop at the Agua Azul and Misol Ha waterfalls, both impressive water curtains that not only offer amazing vistas, but also the opportunity to refresh and relax.

    It’s time for you to know Palenque with our travel packages. Feel like an Archeologist and discover the architecture vestiges, writings and pictures in each one of its temples.

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