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    Pass of the North

    The biggest city in the state of Chihuahua offers its visitors excellent party and entertainment options. Visit some of the bars in Ciudad Juárez, they are known in Mexico because of their friendly atmosphere and great promotions. Get the “northern mood” and let Interjet take you to this destination with the comfort and quality that characterizes us.

    Flights to Ciudad Juarez

    Samalayuca Dune Fields

    Start your visit at the Samalayuca Dune Fields. Only 50 km away from the city, this amazing place will impress you with spectacular mountains of thin white sand, ideal to practice sandboarding or to drive an off-road vehicle. Besides, when night falls, it is the perfect place to watch a rain of stars, so, take your telescope and start thinking about the wishes that you will make.
    Flights to Ciudad Juarez


    If you still have thirst of adrenaline, visit Trepachanga, an ecological park where you can climb over natural rocks, practice archery or even take part in a paintball tournament with your family or friends.
    Flights to Ciudad Juarez

    Parque El Chamizal

    You can find this park in the Ciudad Juárez city limits, near the Córdoba-Américas bridge which connects Mexico with the United States and keeps its relevance due to being a patch of Mexican soil given back by the American government in the late sixties. This is a perfect spot for a family picnic, where lots of green areas await with slides and bridges for kids to play with. Here you can also visit the Museo Arqueológico y un Monumento a los Niños Héroes.

    If you love shopping, Ciudad Juárez has huge malls where you will be able to find the most famous brands. Likewise, you can go to El Paso (Texas), just a few steps away, a city that offers a wide range of possibilities.

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