Unaccompanied minors

Your only worry will be they have fun

Summer camp? Holidays abroad? Our Unaccompanied minors service gives you peace of mind when your kids travel alone.

General information

  • The service is available for children between 5 and 18 minus one day years old.
  • Minors over the age of twelve may travel alone, or with an adult who is not a parent, guardian or person exercising parental authority or guardianship over the minor, provided they have written consent for such travel from the parent, guardian or person exercising parental authority or guardianship over the minor.
  • Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to travel in Priority Fare.
  • This service is not available in shared code flights
  • Request the service at the moment of purchase, as part of the Additional Services option, when you're filling in passenger details.
  • The service has a $50 USD fee, in each direction, which must be paid while purchasing the ticket.
Kids enjoying traveling with Interjet


In addition to the passport of the minor, official ID of the person who gives authorization (the one who has parental authority or guardianship) and, if this happens, official ID of the adult who will accompany the minor, one of the following documents is requested when traveling abroad:

  • A document through which those exercising parental authority or guardianship, authorize the departure from the country, executed before a notary public.
  • A document issued by the competent authority. Minors with Mexican nationality or residency, who travel from Mexico to other countries, require the Departure Form for Minors (SAM). You can learn more about the process to get this document on the National Institute of Immigration (INM) website. If the document that contains the authorization is granted abroad, it must be legalized or apostilled, as appropriate, and be accompanied by the respective translation if written in any language other than Spanish.

Conditions of application for unaccompanied travel

    • Before checking-in at the airport, request our form for Unaccompanied minors.
    • The document must be signed by a parent or guardian.
    • You must complete this form with personal data of the minor, the person who delivers him/her and the person to whom the child will be delivered upon arriving at the destination. The mother, father or guardian who will be meeting the unaccompanied minor at the airport of arrival must have photo identification which will allow Interjet personnel to identify this person as the appropriate person designated to meet the minor.
    • The parent or guardian will be required to remain at the airport of departure until the aircraft has taken off.
    • If you are traveling to Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru or the United States, we recommend you to review the additional requirements stipulated by these countries.

How does the process work?

Minors are picked up by Interjet’s senior flight attendant along with the required documents and taken to their designated seat. They are the first ones to board the plane, traveling at the rear of the aircraft. During the flight, the three members of our cabin crew will take care of them. When the service concludes at the destination airport, unaccompanied children will be the last ones to disembark of the plane. After that, Interjet will take them through the arrival process including customs, immigration (in the case of an international flight), baggage claim and then to the meeting point where the minors are to be met by the mother, father or guardian who can confirm to our personnel by means of photo identification that they are the person designated to meet the unaccompanied children.

Minors traveling as adults

At Interjet minors can (without cost) travel alone, be treated as adult passengers, and check in online. For a minor to travel as an adult complete the following steps:

For national and international flights

  • Fill out and print two copies of the Waiver of Liability Letter, which must be signed by a parent or tutor.
  • Take two copies of the parent or tutor’s official government identification for each flight.

For international flights

  • Letter issued by a public notary authorizing the minor’s departure from the country
  • Document issued by the competent authority authorizing the minor’s departure from the country
  • SAM form (Autorización de salida del territorio de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos de niñas, niños, adolescentes o personas bajo tutela jurídica) stamped by the National Institute of Migration.
  • Copy of the following documents
    1. Minor’s valid passport
    2. Birth certificate
    3. Migration documents (Visa, ETA, etc.)