Traveling with kids

We make their trip an adventure

There are many ways to enjoy a trip. You can travel alone or with someone else. If you are someone that thrills when flying with the youngest members of the family, there are steps to follow in order to have an even more comfortable experience with Interjet. Here we mention some:

Our recommendations

    • Arrive at the airport on time.
    • Travel in comfortable clothing..
    • Walk with them before boarding.
    • Give them something to eat or drink when the plane is taking off and landing, this can relieve ear pain caused by cabin pressure adjusting to the altitude.
    • Remember to keep their toys, books or a tablet with appropriated contents nearby, for quick access to them.
    • Try to schedule nap times to coincide with the flight.
    • In order to obtain a boarding pass, minors (either travelling alone or accompanied) should present any of the following identifications: birth certificate or passport (national or international).

Children under two years

Infants (children under two years of age on the date of travel) do not require a seat and may travel in the lap of an accompanying adult. In such cases, passengers need to inform Interjet at the moment of the purchase that they are traveling with an infant. The airline will issue, free of charge, a ticket and a boarding pass for the infant but without baggage allowance entitlement.

There are some exceptions, in which children need to pay a fee or the applicable fare. Here we mention them:

  • Some countries charge a departure tax. In those cases, infants don’t pay a fare but have to pay the departure tax of the country of origin.
  • An adult may travel with up to two infants, however, only one of them can be held in his/her lap. The second one will have to pay the applicable fare but is exempt from the airport terminal fee. This gives the infant the right to have baggage allowance and his/her own seat. Here, it is important to consider that a child under two years of age occupying a seat must be properly secured in a child restraint device.
  • Infants under two years of age at the time of departure but reaching his/her second birthday during the continuing/return flight(s) will require a seat and must pay the applicable fare for the continuing/return flight(s).
  • All persons of two years of age or older must be ticketed, assigned a seat, and pay the applicable fare.


The accompanying passenger, when checking in for the flight, must provide official government documentation (birth certificate) verifying the age of the infant and/or child. For safety reasons, Interjet reserves the right to not transport infants less than 7 days old.

Interjet may require presentation of the following documents when an adult accompanies one or two children:

  • Documentation establishing legal custody.
  • Parental consent letter authorizing travel.
  • Any other documentation required by the country of destination.

Nursing mothers

Nursing mothers are invited to breastfeed or pump in our aircraft. If you need to use a breast pump, we recommend using a battery-operated or a manual one.

Breast pumps can be carried on-board, in addition to the one bag and one personal item limit. Due to the unpredictability of turbulence, we are not able to allow nursing mothers to pump in the aircraft galley areas or to use jump seats.

Our flight attendants may be able to provide hot water or ice to keep items hot or cold, but they are not permitted to store items such as milk or formula.

Inflight amenities

If you are traveling with an infant, please bring enough food and supplies with you. In case you give formula to your baby, remember to take only the necessary quantity for the flight, being in a baby bottle or in a milk container, making sure you don’t exceed the 12 oz (350 ml) accepted on carry-on baggage. For more information on what items are forbidden in your carry-on baggage, visit our Restricted items section.

Interjet on-board service provides your children with milk, juices, soft drinks or water throughout the flight, as well as sweet or salty snacks, depending on the flight length. Get more details here.

Other facility that you can find in any of the restrooms of our fleet are the baby changing tables.

Strollers and car seats

Strollers and car seats are not subject to our baggage policy, which means that they can be transported at no cost. However, due to space limitations, these items can only be transported as checked baggage.

For your comfort, strollers and car seats can be transported to the door of the plane, where you have to deliver them to our personnel, in order that they can be taken to the baggage compartment.