On-board entertainment

Enjoy your trip with Interjet!

Couple enjoying their trip with Interjet

Have fun while you travel

TV shows and videos about different topics are some of the contents that you will be able to watch in our screens. Likewise, some of the Interjet planes have audio service in the seats. Connect your headphones and enjoy the following music channels: instrumental, classic, audiovision, decades in Spanish, decades in English, great voices, kids and regional.

Take-off / landing camera screen

Take off/Landing camera

Experience a unique view of the most exciting moments of your flight. Thanks to the special cameras strategically mounted under the fuselage, you can watch through our screens the take-off and landing of your flight in real-time.

Gentleman reading a magazine

Interjet magazine

Fashion, movies, celebrities, travel destinations… our monthly publication offers a diverse selection of articles to liven up your trip.

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