Who we are

We transform the idea of flying

Interjet is a Mexican airline with the compromise to offer a high efficiency flight experience. In December 2005 we began this incredible journey with three Airbus A320 aircrafts, offering a safe and high-quality aerial transportation. Ever since, with more than 5,000 employees, we have expanded our fleet and routes.

Over a decade we have contributed to reconfigure the Mexican aerial market, through a unique offer that combines flexible luggage policies with great service and comfort along with thoughtful fares dedicated to satisfying our passenger’s needs.

Interjet connects more than 12 million passengers per year in nearly 300 daily flights from 55 destinations all over Mexico, United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, aboard a modern fleet operated by an excellent team.

We have the purpose to secure a better connectivity for our passengers all around the world, in doing so, we have generated strategic alliances with airlines such as Alitalia, All Nippon Airways (ANA), American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, LATAM Group Airlines, Lufthansa, Japan Airlines, EVA Air, and Hainan Airlines.


Elevating quality and comfort

Our aircrafts are a synonym for vanguard. Ever since 2005 to this day on, our fleet has strengthened with Airbus A320, A321, A320neo, A321neo and Superjet 100 aircrafts, characterized for their innovative cabins, high-tech engines, broad aisles and fuel consuming efficiency.

To offer a better service to our passengers, each plane has been adapted with less seats than the contemplated number in the aircraft’s original design, which makes us the airline with the most space between seats in the whole American continent within the high efficiency category.

Flying with innovation

Airbus A321 neo

The Airbus A321neo is one of our most modern aircrafts. It holds a maximum capacity of 220 passengers, which has been reduced to a total of 192 seats for your comfort among various distinguished characteristics, the aircraft is equipped with the Panasonic Avionic eXo entertainment service to heighten your flying experience.

  • icn_avion7 aircrafts
  • icn_asiento192 seats
  • icn_sanitario3 lavatories
  • icn_salida8 emergency exits
  • icn_peso206,132 lbs
  • icn_velocidad870 km/h

Airbus A321

The Airbus A321 was originally designed to transport up to 220 passengers, but the Interjet experience is known for its wide space between seats, therefore, we reduced the number down to 192 passengers, whom will be able to fly with the highest quality and comfort.

  • icn_avion6 aircrafts
  • icn_asiento192 seats
  • icn_sanitario3 lavatories
  • icn_salida8 emergency exits
  • icn_peso206,132 lbs
  • icn_velocidad870 km/h

Airbus A320 neo

The Airbus A320neo holds a capacity of 180 passengers, which we have adequate to a total 150 seats, offering you the space you deserve. This aircraft is also equipped with the Panasonic Avionic eXo entertainment service along with 12-inch HD screens. This way, we ensure your flight is a pleasant one. .

  • icn_avion3 aircrafts
  • icn_asiento150 seats
  • icn_sanitario3 lavatories
  • icn_salida8 emergency exits
  • icn_peso162,039 lbs
  • icn_velocidad870 km/h

Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 holds a capacity of 180 passengers, which we have modified to a total of 150 passengers, that way our Slim Line seats can be enjoyed comfortably thanks to the broad space between each file.

  • icn_avion47 aircrafts
  • icn_asiento150 seats
  • icn_sanitario3 lavatories
  • icn_salida8 emergency exits
  • icn_peso169,755 lbs
  • icn_velocidad870 km/h

Superjet 100

The Superjet 100, is characterized for its accessibility in regional airports, light components and a low consuming fuel level. These aircrafts hold a capacity to transport up to 103 passengers, which Interjet has modified to a total of 93 passengers, with an exclusive interior design to offer you the best flight experience.

  • icn_avion22 aircrafts
  • icn_asiento93 seats
  • icn_sanitario2 lavatories
  • icn_salida4 emergency exits
  • icn_peso100,971 lbs
  • icn_velocidad860 km/h

Each of our aircrafts offer up to 20% more space between seats for you to stretch your legs and enjoy the flight. Remember, traveling with Interjet is to fly with safety and comfort without paying extra costs.

Your tranquility is our priority

To provide the highest security standards, quality and a global high efficiency service is our priority. In doing so, our aircrafts are monitored continuously. This way you can fly peacefully to your preferred destinations .

On May 23rd, 2007 the Interjet Maintenance Center in Toluca’s International Airport opened its doors to commence with the labor of perfecting our equipment, tools, infrastructure and personnel to ensure the best flying service each of our passengers deserve. On November 2014, this process was enhanced thanks to the habilitation of maintenance hangars in Mexico’s City International Airport.


Every station has the required accreditations and certifications to operate, such as the IOSA certification, the workshop permit (DGAC:338) bestowed by the General Direction of the Mexican Civil Aeronautics, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA: 23IY051B) in the US, a permit from Aerocivil Colombia (UAEAC-TARE-CDF 024) as well as the Chilean Civil Aeronautics Jury certificate (E-591).

Every accreditation such as the most advanced technology and equipment allows us to provide an excellent service in the painting area, mayor maintenance supplies, component fabrication, aeronautical parts and flight simulators for pilot training both in the Airbus A320 and the Superjet 100 endorsing us as a committed airline with its passengers and collaborators’ safeness .

Protecting the world that surround us

At Interjet to preserve the environment is our priority. That’s why, along with the Miguel Alemán Foundation, C.A., we support the ‘Ecojet’ Social Responsibility initiative, which boosts sustainable projects that will be able to generate positive changes in the environment as well as reducing the impact of fuel consummation and aerial industry on the planet.

It is very important for us, that each one of our aircrafts attains the highest security global standards as well as having the most advanced technology to reduce fuel consummation resulting in a higher rendition and less pollution.

With this philosophy, Interjet has also established compromises to support the Electric Green Taxiing System (EGTS) which reduces the amount of fuel occupied during taxiing operations, down to a 50% of carbon emission.