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    Discover the best touristic places in El Salvador

    Warm weather, cuisine delicacies such as the world famous pupusas and ideal waves for surfing is the way El Salvador welcomes its visitors all year long. So, if your adventurous spirit is need of new and exciting destinations, you should definitely give this Central American country an opportunity. Here, we give you 4 good reasons why you should book the best cheap flight tickets to El Salvador immediately. Fly away with Interjet to a place where its people and culture are waiting for you!

    Flights to El Salvador

    An oasis within a crater

    Thanks to its vast surroundings and volcanic origins, Lake Coatepeque is the ideal place to dive, practice sailing or water ski, as well as thermal waters for you to relax and take a nice swim. If you are into extreme sports, check all your sports equipment with Interjet for a full incredible experience.

    Flights to El Salvador

    Travel to the past in Joya de Cerén

    Mayan culture comes alive in this gorgeous and exciting archaeological zone, one of the most important in Mesoamerica. Here, you will learn all about life in the pre hispanic era while exploring dormitories, kitchens, and thermal caves that build this city. Tazumal is another site you should visit to view the wonderful complexity in which its structures are built.

    Flights to El Salvador

    A breathless view in Conchagua

    A drive down the highway and a thousand meter above the sea level hike will all be worth it once you amaze yourself with the view of the Conchagua Volcano, one of the most popular touristic places in El Salvador. A special site that connects three countries sharing the Fonseca Gulf: Honduras, Nicaragua and of course, El Salvador.

    Brewed coffee for the soul

    Coffee lovers will have a wonderful time in El Salvador! You can learn all the details about coffee plantations and its process from the farm to the cup at El Carmen Estate, where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset or even plan your own wedding with all the wonders this famous coffee brew can give.

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