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Flights to Puerto Escondido

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    Find with us the best things to do in Puerto Escondido

    Oaxaca has incredible places that you will surely love, and Puerto Escondido is one of its most beautiful destinations. This place offers a wide range of things to do; from going to party to relax, this city will make your wishes come true. Take advantage of our promotions and travel to this destination where the sky and the sea come together to conquer your heart and soul.

    Flights to Puerto Escondido

    The beaches of Puerto Escondido welcome you!

    We will tell you a little secret: Carrizalillo Beach. This beautiful bay is hidden in the jungle of the region; to get there you will have to go down through a steep staircase, but everything will be worth it once you get to the beach: its calm waters are perfect to relax, swimming or snorkeling.

    Flights to Puerto Escondido

    Surf through the waves of Playa Zicatela (Zicatela Beach)

    Considered one of the 4 best beaches to surf, Zicatela is known for waves that reach 6 meters, ideal to practice this extreme sport. If you are a fan of surfing, prepare your surfboard and travel now with Interjet.

    Flights to Puerto Escondido

    The night show at Laguna de Manialtepec (Manialtepec Lagoon)

    During the rainy season, at night, you can contemplate one of the most amazing natural phenomena: bioluminescence. This lagoon turns into electric-blue, purple and neon colors because of the micro-organisms that live there. There are many tours that will allow you to enter into the lagoon to watch this magical spectacle.

    Remember, you can document your sports equipment without an additional cost. Find more about our baggage policy and prepare to experience the best trip of your life.

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