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    The capital of Yucatán

    Nicknamed as “The White City”, Mérida has a lot of things to offer: temples, palaces, archaeological sites, cenotes, museums, cathedrals, beaches and natural wonders, amongst many other things.

    Make the most of your vacations at the Yucatán Peninsula, by visiting the following tourist attractions:

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    Chichén Itzá

    Founded by Mayan tribes between the years 325 and 550 AD, it is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico, due to its history and its imposing constructions. Here, one of the main buildings is the Kukulkán pyramid, which during the spring and the autumn equinoxes creates the optical illusion of a snake descending from the temple.

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    Paseo Montejo

    If you visit Mérida, you should walk or take a horse-drawn carriage tour along this avenue. Twin Houses or Palacio Cantón (Cantón Palace) are just 2 of its architectural treasures, which were built in the French style at the beginning of the XX century.

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    The name of this archaeological site comes of four Mayan words, which mean “place where there is writing on flat stones”, in relation to the high number of tombstones that you can find here. This area, one of the most important ceremonial centers to the north of the peninsula, is famous nowadays because of its main structure, Temple of the Seven Dolls (so named because of seven small effigies found at the site, when it was discovered under the ruins of a later pyramid).
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    Cenote Xlacah

    It is one of the largest and deepest sinkholes in Yucatán (100 meters long and 45 meters depth). This cenote, whose name means “old town” in Mayan language, is located at the Archaeological Site of Dzibilchaltún. The carved bones, vessels and wooden items found here provide us a better understanding of pre-Hispanic times.

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