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    Enjoy its weather and tourist sites

    Known as “City of the Sun”, due to its warm climate and pink, yellow and orange landscapes, Hermosillo is a city that guarantees adventure and entertainment.

    Look for your flight to Hermosillo and visit some of the best places around this northern city:

    Flights to Hermosillo

    Puerto Peñasco

    Located between the Sea of Cortez and the Sonoran Desert, you can find this fishing port, which has unique natural beauties. Since its foundation in 1930, it still keeps its traditional style and adventurous spirit, thanks to more than 100 km of calm beaches.

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    This town is one of the main tourist spots in the state of Sonora, two hours away from Hermosillo. It is famous because of the large and beautiful shells spread along its beaches. Here, the tropical vegetation and the desert are surrounded by two natural barriers: Cerro Tetakawi (Tetakawi Hills) and Sea of Cortez.

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    It is a small town located near to the boundaries between Sinaloa and Chihuahua, founded at the end of the XVII century (after the discovery of a silver mine in the region). “The City of Portals” will charm you due to its beautiful architecture, fusion of indigenous and Spanish baroque styles. Here, we recommend you to take a walk around its picturesque Square of Weapons or to visit María Félix’s house, nowadays used as a hotel, restaurant and museum.

    Flights to Hermosillo

    El Himalaya

    Surrounded by mountains of warm colors, you can find this beach; a hidden treasure located 100 km away from Hermosillo, where sunsets become an amazing show. In addition, this desert region offers archaeological sites and caves with rupestrian paintings.

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