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    Ciudad del Carmen is much more than pirate legends. The second most populated city in the state of Campeche offers incredible natural attractions, traditional and contemporary seafood cuisine as well as a wide variety of celebrations and customs.

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    Flights to Ciudad del Carmen

    Isla del Carmen

    Popularly known as Isla de Términos, this island offers a superb view of the sea, thanks to its location between the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna de Términos (Términos Lagoon). To get to this isle, you just have to cross Puente de la Unidad, the second biggest bridge in Campeche.

    Flights to Ciudad del Carmen

    Laguna de Términos

    Here, fresh and salt water mix amongst beautiful mangroves, which form a natural barrier against floods and function as a shelter for dolphins, shrimps, some reptiles and a big number of crustaceans.

    Flights to Ciudad del Carmen

    Playa Norte

    It is a natural spa where families can enjoy a wonderful sight when they lie on the sand, dive into its warm waters or try delicious seafood in any of its restaurants.

    Flights to Ciudad del Carmen

    Isla Aguada

    This fishing village of around 5,000 inhabitants offers a peaceful atmosphere and several kilometers of pristine beaches. If you book a tour, you will be able to visit Isla de Pájaros, a huge bird nest where you will see dozens of herons and pelicans.

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