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    Fall in love with one of the most representative attractions of Guatemala

    Even though Guatemala has increased its popularity as a touristic destination, it has always keep in its territory many natural, historic and archeological wanders that make this country in the perfect place to go on vacations and live an unforgettable trip. Experience a different way to travel with Interjet and purchase flight tickets to Guatemala: the list of things to do is so big you’ll want to come back.

    Flights to Guatemala

    A travel to past in Antigua Guatemala

    Survivor of multiple earthquakes, this Unesco’s World Heritage landmark is the historic heart of Guatemala, where many baroque buildings have been preserved in optimal conditions, like Arco de Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina’s Arch). We recommend you to go during the Holy Week to see their processions.

    Flights to Guatemala

    Live the ancestral magic of Tikal

    If you are a Star Wars fan, you already know this archeological site, because it appears during a scene of Episode IV. But at the same time you’ll be on the rebel base, when you go to Tikal you will see for yourself one testimony of the greatness of Mayan culture. One of its more important buildings is the Great Jaguar Temple, a mortuary pyramid that guards the rests of a Mayan authority called Ah Cacao.

    Flights to Guatemala

    Camp on Tajamulco volcano

    The legend says that all life in Guatemala came from this volcano, the highest one I the country with 2,000 miles high. It’s perfect for those who love hiking, a destination where your Winter clothes wll be needed, because it can be as cold as 14 Fo.

    Flights to Guatemala

    A paradise surrounded by volcanoes

    Atitlán Lake is one of Guatemala’s most visited touristic destinations. Famous for its strong winds –called Xocomil–, this body of water surrounded by volcanoes has for its visitors different activities where the adventure, the fun and great food are part of everyday.

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