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    The best beaches in Cuba are waiting for you!

    Located in the province of Matanzas, this beautiful silky white sand is one of the best in all Cuba. Immerse in its warm waters and have fun doing snorkeling or diving. Prepare your luggage and remember when booking flights to Varadero with Interjet you can bring along your sports equipment or musical instruments at no cost, so you can take with you everything you need to enjoy the trip your way

    Flights to Varadero

    Delight your appetite!

    Because we know swimming will make you hungry, we recommend you to go to one of the best restaurants of Cuban cuisine on the pier; you can even eat in what used to be the mansions of Al Capone (yes, the famous gangster), which is now a place to taste the best dishes while the view of the Caribbean sea seduces the rest of your senses.

    Flights to Varadero

    Coral beach

    Just a few miles from Varadero you can visit Coral beach, a pink sand virgin beach that has the second largest coral reef in the world. This is the perfect place to relax while the soft movement of the waves becomes the soundtrack of your best trips.

    Flights to Varadero

    Cayo Largo

    If you’re asking which is the best cay in Cuba, you should go to Cayo Largo. Here the time runs at a different speed and its waters are so quiet and clear that you’ll want to dive in them just as you see them.

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