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    Wander through Cuba’s most fascinating beaches

    Santa Clara is a touristic destination where words or pictures are not enough to describe its charm: you have to experience it for yourself to understand why everyone who sets a foot on this land full of art, history and music wish to come back. Purchase flight tickets to Santa Clara and let yourself be captivated for this destination purchasing with Interjet at the best price.

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    Che Guevara Museum

    Probably one of the most popular places in Santa Clara is, along with Revolution Square, are the obligated spots to visit to know more on the life of Ernesto Che Guevara, through the vast collection of photographs about him exhibited in the museum.

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    But not everything is about Che…

    Cultural life doesn’t end with Cuban Revolution. You have to visit the Museum of Decorative Arts and its 18th century stained glasses, and the Tobacco Factory, where some of the most famous Cuban cigar brands like Montecristo and Partagas are made. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Santa Clara and fly with Interjet so you can prove why we are a different flying experience.

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    Paradise on Earth

    As soon as you arrive to Santa Clara you only need to take a 90 minute ride to reach Santa Clara Cay and enjoy the silky white sand virgin beaches with crystal clear waters. If you have time and wish to take a trip on boat on the Caribbean Sea, we recommend you to go to Levisa Cay, where you will enjoy the Sun while you savor a cocktail.

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