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    We tell you what to do in Havana

    There is so much to do in all the beautiful cities of Cuba; but without a doubt Havana stands out for its amazing touristic attractions. Fly with Interjet to this beautiful destination and stay in the best hotels in Havana with our travel packages. Here we give you some suggestions to make your trip and unforgettable experience.

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    Start your journey walking through Paseo del Prado

    This avenue is the perfect place to start your trip; while you enjoy the wonderful weather, you can take pictures of the iconic El Capitolio or the bronze lions that guard the white marble halls. Keep walking until you reach the pier and wait to see the first sunset on the island.

    Flights to la Havana

    Immerse in the history of Old Havana

    Declared Unesco’s World Heritage landmark, this part of the city has some of the most beautiful buildings of Cuba; with every step you take you’ll see different architectural styles like baroque or art deco. Go at night to one of many nightclubs and taste the best rums prepared in a classic and delicious mojito. Let the party begin!

    Flights to la Havana

    Fall in love with Pinar del Río

    Travel to this province of Cuba and go to Valle de Viñales, a beautiful paradise that treasures the Prehistoric Mural; this work of art is located between amazing green landscapes. Besides, if you want to pump up your adrenaline, here you may find caves and rivers to start the adventure; but if what you like is to spend a time of peace, this little coast town has an amazing atmosphere to relax and rest.

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