Interjet makes your travel easy

Traveling with Interjet just got better.If you are a frequent traveler.
Interjet´s Jet Book makes your purchasing and booking experience a breeze.
We give you more travel, more benefits and great serevice for one low price.

    Purchase your Jet Book of 5,10 or 15 round trips and enjoy:

  • Travel any date,no blackout dates
  • Up to 12 months to use your Jet Book
  • Name and Date changes allowed FREE of charge
  • Club Interjet members receive 10% credit of the base fare
    To purchase your JetBook package just follow these simple steps:

  1. Subscribe your information and email on:
  2. Go to JetBook Menu on the top of our page or direct at:
  3. Select the route and number of coupons you want to buy.
  4. Then will be asked the payment information.
  5. The last step will be an email with the confirmation form and the coupon code.
  6. Start using your Interjet JetBook Coupons!
    How to use my Interjet JetBook?

  1. Visit
  2. Identify the bottom menu with the title JetBook.
  3. Clic at the JetBook route you bought.
  4. In the next screen will appear the number of flights you have left and at the top of the site would be our search-flight tool in which you need to confirm the origin and destiny of your flight and the number of persons that would be flying.
  5. Confirm Itinerary.
  6. Complete Passenger(s) information.
  7. Confirm Interjet JetBook coupons deduction and clic next.
  8. In order to have your Ticket transfer or Itinerary change you would need to log in at: then clic on the left menu at “Mis viajes” and follow the instructions. Or you can call to: 01800 322 5050
  9. Consult Terms and Conditions.
  1. Interjet Jetbook is a set of prepaid tickets sold in blocks of 5,10,15 round trips that guarantee a fixed, low rate
  2. Jetbook Sale only available at:
  3. Form of Payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express
  4. No route changes are permitted in Jetbook.
  5. Validity – One year from Date of Purchase (Validity Extension not allowed)
  6. In order to purchase your Jetbook it is required that you first register at:
  7. Date and name changes are allowed Free of Charge
  8. Name Change are allowed only before commencement of travel and must be requested at least 4 hours before flight departure, via web site or Call Center.
  9. Name Changes on return flight are not permitted
  10. To make a name or date change, logon to your account, select Jetbook Change and follow the instructions.
  11. An administrative fee of $5.00US will be charged for each change requested through our call center at 1-866-285-9525
  12. No Show Tickets are considered USED and are Non Refundable
  13. Taxes are subject to change without notice. In the event of a tax increase, the difference must be paid by passenger at time of booking
  14. Senior Citizen Discount does not apply
  15. Not combinable with any other promotion
  16. Once purchased, Interjet Jetbook is NON refundable
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